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lobally oriented, we have been delivering exceptional solutions for clients and partners around the world since 2010. Headquartered in Pittsburgh with additional offices in Los Angeles, and New York in North America and New Delhi and Surat in India, we provide the benefit of around-the-clock workdays and economies of both geography and scale.

We are team of smart, talented, and multi-disciplinary individuals capable of transforming businesses with our combined skills and hard work. Whether we are working with a seed-stage startup small business or a big enterprise, our dedication to our clients and partners is backed up by flawless execution in engineering, design and analytics.

Passionate about the possibilities available today in technology, we are continously immersed in current and emerging trends and are eager to share this zeal with clients and partners facing challenges or looking to move forward. We are devoted to working together to create break-through, powerfully unique solutions that drive real results now and into the future.

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Team Member Technology Lead

Rajit Patel

Rajit graduated with high honors from Carnegie Mellon University with a focus on information technology and international development.

A technology visionary, he has been helping individuals and organizations better understand and utilize technology for 12+ years.

He has worked with Deloitte, Alcoa,the Urban League, and many other organizations to integrate technology into operations, train executives and staff in systems knowledge, and develop high-impact applications.

  • Technology Integration
  • Application Development
  • Systems Architecture
  • Knowledge Transfer
Team Member Solutions Lead

Rohan Malhotra

Rohan has a Masters in Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University where he built robots and studied systems theory and math.

A product guy at heart, he has also done management consulting for various Fortune 500 companies in the strategy and operations domain.

Rohan is passionate about building enterprise and consumer products that have powerful social and business impact.

  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
Team Member Strategy

Justin Hakuta

Justin holds an MBA from the Harvard Business School ('11) and is a Fulbright Scholar. He has worked with various companies in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability space including Honest Tea, Seventh Generation and Patagonia.

  • Business Strategy
  • Organizational Operations
  • Consumer Insight
  • User Experience Design
Team Member Biz Dev Lead

Priya Patel

Priya is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and has studied business, economics and psychology.

A dedicated learner with an eye for detail, she has worked with small and large businesses to manage a wide range of important miscellaneous efforts involved in maintaining and optimizing a solution or campaign.

  • Business Development
  • Content & Media
  • Marketing / Branding
  • Deployment Maintenance
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